Our Mission and Vision

                                                                        Our Vision-

To help our customers meet their financial goal and objective through our banking products & services.

•  To be the Bank of the people

•  Delivering Innovative banking products and services by consistent improvement of technology, process and people

•  Uplift villagers and rural masses.

•  Based on Co-operative principles and values to be the role model of co-operative banks.




          C - Concern for the people; commitment to social development.

          O - Offer best quality banking service.

          O - Operational accessibility to all

          P -  People friendly products and activities

          E -  Ethics and justice to customers

          R - Responsibility towards the down trodden

          A - Acceptance and accommodation of haves and have-nots.

          T - Technological up gradation and advancement

           I -  Innovation and Excellence

          V - Vibrant and proactive banking institution.

          E -  Empower the masses – Enrich society.