Chairman Message

                                                              Mr. Prateek Jain (IAS)

Dear Friends,

                In the country's agricultural development Co-Operative plays a very important role. Co-Operatives played an important role in the Country's social and economic upliftment. Today, 68% of the country's population lives in rural India. It is accepted by all that for the agricultural credit co-operative credit institutions are best. Our agricultural credit system is threefold. On top level State Cooperative Bank, at the district level District Co-operative Banks and Justice Panchayat,are fulfilling the short and medieval agricultural credit co-operative societies needs.

                  Even in this era of globalization, the world's developed countries are also facing financial challenges and continued volatility. Governments of many countries are cutting their expenditure in the social and public areas and are going back on their responsibilities which is leading to insecurity among citizens of those countries. In this environment of uncertainty, the Co-Operative societies can bring hope and provide clear direction for the citizens of the world. Co-Operative Societies provides long-term protection. This is long-lasting, sustainable and successful. District Co-Operative Bank Haridwar is the live example in front of everyone, from its day of inception the Bank has always been in profit. 

                  District Co-Operative Bank Haridwar active contribution towards the healthy and active financial upliftment of landless farmers, rural artisans, small marginal farmers and raise the living standards of the weak class of impoverished people has been most important.

                Through current technology-based banking services around co-operative banks is successfull in meeting the challenges posed before the bank by its customers, throughout all of the banks branches we are able to provide technology-based banking operations. Our goal is the implementation of advanced services based on computerization, it should be the primary service in co-operative agricultural credit societies and it also has been undertaken. Our goal for this year is that in cooperation with the National Bank for Agriculture and Rural Development Bank 296 Co-Operative Societies are funded. Through which our farmers will be able to withdraw money from Societies. This web portal is provided by the bank to its customers, and it has all the inclusion of information for the customers. We hope that this portal will help through an indirect dialogue between the bank and its customers.............................Thanking You.