In India the Co-Operative Act was first created in 1904 and then passed again in the year 1912 as the Cooperative Act which led to the formation of the Central Co-Operative Banks and the States initiated the formation of various Co-Operative Banks. In year 1920 month of Feb 19 the “Roorkee Co-Operative Bank” was founded in Rookee, District Haridwar on that time its work area is limited in only Roorkee .

           In the beginning the bank faced several financial problems, during which the bank received continued support of the city's public. Just as a small seed gradually assumes the form of a giant tree, in the same way the bank grew gradually day by day. In 1945, Bank completed its first Silver Jubilee (25 years) with flying colours. In coming years, the bank accepted the 1954-55 provincial supervision. In 1965, the new Co-Operative Act was passed after which the bank progressed continually. The phenomenal progress of the Bank from 1920 to 2014 is shown in the following brief table:-



Year 1920

Year 2010

Year 2011

Year 2012

Year 2013

Year 2016





Consolidated Fund

_ _



Private capital



Submitted Depository




_ _



Working capital



Net profit

_ _








No. Of Workers



          In 1995, the Reserve Bank of India granted license to the Bank for doing business in Banking Sector. The most prominent feature of our bank is that, since its inception date the Bank has always been in Profit.   

          Bank’s progress and development is made possible by our hardworking representatives of the people, by the guidance of the departmental officials, by smooth transmittal and bank personnel’s integrity and sweat. Currently all the Branches of the Bank have been computerized as a first step toward modern banking. The Bank is working on CBS Platform. RTGS and NEFT are operational for instant fund transfer facility throughout the country and as well as ATM’s are being operated.